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We offer two styles of sessions: WhimsyArt and WhimsyDay.

A WhimsyArt session is a collaboration of ideas developed to create an experience just for your child or children that celebrates the wonders of their imagination and interests. Our goal is to create a once in a life time compilation of photographs that depicts your child or children in a way that will be a treasure for years to come.

This season of childhood fantasy through imagination is fleeting, playful, curious and so uniquely your child. A moment in time truly worth remembering and capturing.

Together we dream up an idea that can be big, small, whimsical or realistic. The focus is your child and their unique personality.  {This 1-2 hr session is pre-planned with you prior to the day of the session.}  Contact us to schedule your WhimsyArt session and we will create a work of art together!  

A WhimsyDay session involves the everyday captured beautifully.  Think of trips to the park, playing in the creek, an afternoon by the lake and all the wonder of everyday fun!

The one hour WhimsyDay session is all about capturing your child or children just as they are. Normally we plan this to take place in a favorite or pretty location (such as at home, a nearby park, downtown or simply in a field) the WhimsyDay session is a documentary style shoot, with a little bit of help, which celebrates your little one, love and the uniqueness that is to be found.

We offer many products to choose from to help display your memories, including quality photo albums, prints and canvases.